Our philosophy:

Highline Rescue Experience is born from a simple interrogation: « How to react when a highliner is blocked suspended to its leash?”. 

First step of the security line, the highliner must prepare in upstream the way he should react quickly when facing difficulties (set up an evacuation planning, checked and known by everyone and adapted to the configuration of the line – considering a lateral exit or a way down exit). 

Face to a booming activity, not regulated and with various forms (treeline, highline, ...), rescue teams will have to be prepared for interventions in new technical environment, with a necessary rapidity of evacuation of victims exposed to “the syndrome of the harness”. 

Born from exchanges between passionate, material makers and specialists, Highline Rescue Experience is a group aiming to share best practices in order to draw the principles of a highline security for all.




Create leads between slackline association, material makers, rescue professional and doctor specialised in the syndrome of the harness in order to exchange and share experiences.


Participate to major events specialised in string and line rescue (GRIMPDAY 2015, Natural Games), laboratory of innovation for enhancing securities.


Gather competencies in order to develop and write down best practices and rescue technics to put in place when practicing highline.